What's going on in our Community

SERVPRO of Bordentown / Pemberton

SERVPRO of Bordentown/Pemberton is a proud member of the Bordentown area community. We work diligently to support numerous community causes including programs for children, families and businesses. We work closely with our community fire department to support their efforts in providing volunteer fire, rescue, and EMS services. Each year we take part in community food pantry food drive initiatives to help those less fortunate. Our staff takes part in a variety of business groups including the Bordentown Downtown Business Association, Rotary International, Chamber of Commerce, NJ School Buildings and Grounds Association, NJ Claims Association and SERVPRO’s Team Green. Our team members support the community and the residents as mentors, coaches and volunteer firefighters.

COVID-19 Response Events in Bordentown and Hamilton Township, NJ

On May 1 and May 8, 2020 we were proud to host FREE cleaning and sanitizing events for all First Response Vehicles in our communities that we serve.  On May 1, 2020 we were honored to clean and sanitize over 100 First Response vehicles in Bordentown, NJ and on May 8, 202 we cleaned over 65 First Response vehicles in Hamilton Township, NJ.  Our team of highly trained technicians performed exceptional work on all vehicles.  Overall, both events were well received by community leaders and all First Response organizations. 

The events were reported by local media with a feature article by NJ Advanced Media as noted in this link:


Our First Responser events were also reported by People Magazine (July 6, 2020 issue):  adobe.ly/38FlUli