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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Every 18 seconds a fire occurs in the US…only ONE matters to you in Mercer County, NJ

9/15/2023 (Permalink)

Every year, the American Red Cross responds to on average, 60,000 disasters and the vast majority are home fires causing over $7 Billion in property damage. House fires endanger everyone in your home and even the smallest fire that is quickly extinguished can result in thousands of $$ of damage and clean-up.  Fire is unpredictable, can spread quickly, but house fires in Burlington County, NJ are also very preventable.

SERVPRO of Bordentown/ Pemberton is a leader in fire, water damage clean-up, and mold remediation. We work closely with local fire companies and support local community events.

Here are the top 7 causes of Home Fires:

  • Cooking Related-Grease fires are difficult to put out and are not extinguished by water.  Kitchen fires begin quickly.  If a grease fire starts, immediately turn off the heat source and cover with a metal cooking sheet or lid.  If the fire is small, pour salt or baking soda on it to extinguish.  As a last resort use Class B Dry chemical fire extinguisher.  DO NOT try to extinguish with water.
  • Heat Sources-Space heaters where fuel based or electric can cause fires if combustibles such as draperies, blankets or pillows are left too close. Space heaters are a nice addition to warm a chilly space, but only if you are home and monitoring.  Follow the instructions and inspect the device to ensure the heater is in good operating condition.
  • Smoking-Smoking is hazardous to your health in many ways, but any flame can lead to a fire. One single stray ash is all it takes to ignite carpet, clothing or bedding. Smoke outside whenever possible.
  • Candles-Candlelight is the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner. Lovely to enjoy the soft light and fragrance, but the beauty can turn quickly if a candle is knocked over or left to burn unattended.  Keep matches, lighters, and candles in a secure place away from children. 
  • Electrical-Electrical fires are due to faulty wiring or overloaded circuits which stress the system or may spark. It is a good idea to have your electrical panel and your home’s wiring evaluated by a professional. 
  • Chemicals-Flammable liquids, motor oils, and cleaning chemicals should be stored in a cool location and in proper containers. Heat can cause the chemicals to ignite or possibly explode.  Vapors many times are more flammable than the chemicals themselves. Cleaning rags used may spontaneously ignite if vapors build up and get too hot.  Thoroughly wash all cleaning rags to remove the chemicals and dispose of them safely.
  • Christmas Trees-Holidays are warm, wonderful times to create memories around the festive tree, but attentiveness to watering a real tree is critical to keep it from drying out and becoming a potential tinderbox. Check your real tree often and remove when the tree is dry. Faux trees while safer in some regards also pose a risk to fire if the light strands have been compromised or if the outlet is overloaded.  In both cases, never leave the Christmas tree lights on when not at home. Real or fake, evaluate to ensure your lights are in good working order.

Attentiveness is the best, but accidents and unforeseen issues occur.  When you need disaster relief from fire or smoke, SERVPRO of Bordentown/Pemberton is faster to any disaster.  SERVPRO’s mission is to see you through, provide solutions to have you back in your home, “Like it never even happened.”  We partner with local fire departments to offer emergency cleaning and restoration services.

Call us at 609-894-8555.

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